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B-day art!! - July 29th

Finished 02:45pm

link : Link 2 see it upclose because i didnt post it

this was a early bday gift for fridasp ^^ Idk if they have any socials though :(

blue girl :)) - July 22nd

Finished 5:49 pm

blue cat Women

link : This is just a link to the full piece because it is better upclose

I did another lineless peice :D

Velcro's fursona ^^ - July 20th

Finished 1:27pm

funny catboy with straw berry socks

link : twt

Its @velcro_animates on twts oc, also my first (?) lineless :))

Idk I made these aimations when I was bored- July 19th


Bogos Binted : twt and yt

Funny minecraft video haha : twt and yt

First one was finished at 4:59pm and the second one was finished at 6:51pm

IThese 2 were mostly just lip sync tests and I also just wanted to use my old gacha life ocs again because they were cool

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