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This is my dream journal where I write about the dumb things Ive dreamt about!

The grammar here sucks btw and Im not fixing it

I dreamt this on 29th of July 2021 ( Thursday )

Ok so basically there was this werid ass ice cream thing that i needed to get and it took hours because this guy was bad at driving and every one was getting really pissed at him, anyways i cant really remember if we got the ice cream or not that part of the dream just cut out. Then there was this boss fight!? the boss fight was in real life and i had to jump alot and shit also the boss was this weird cube eye thing the cube was orange it also looked kinda tasty , also it kinda looked like genshin impact , i coulnt finsih it so i went to school. and i wnet in this frog fit, kinda popped off tbh it looked nice, (i thinkb it was these clothes to showb that i was a mf fan of the guys who i was talking to yt channel like ok then....) anwyasy i was talking to this guy in class while wearing the frog fit we still had uniforms so i was worried if get id in trouble but i also wore PE clothes not on pe day ?!? then we talked about the stages of the boss fight thing? also some one was giving out candy and they didnt give any to me and the guy :( and then i woke up