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Ignore this lol

Ok bare with me here... I have alot of them and they all have their own personalities

Hector is my favorite rock and will always be my favorite, hes based of hector from omori , hes kels ( one of my favourite characters ) pet in the headspace. I found him in school and for some reason to clean them i used fanta ( ?? I had water on me too ) anyways his pronouns are he / they and he is pansexual. Their favourite drink is fanta and their favourite colour is orange or pink

I found Theodore while walking around the town centre in a grass field. They arent that photogenic but its ok because the smile is better in real life. Theodore was named and found by my father. Theodore uses they / them pronouns and they have a constant blush. Their favorite drink is dr pepper and theyre really dumb for some reason idk dumb as rock haha. dont ask why theyre so scary.

This one was named by partly me and my friend while we were hanging out ^^. Tomithy has no face and i forgot to take him home so now hes just in the park probabaly. His favorite drink is fanta though!!! his favorite colour is red and he uses all pronouns :))!!

Figures, braclets, pens, games, fucking everything

This is my favorite one ^^

Miku in da funny fit

Least favorite miku one!!

I havent even wacthed the anime the figure is just pretty

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