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Dream Journal

This is just a whole page dedicated to characters or people I love and care for

Seven, 707 or whatever his name is ( from mystic messanger though ) is the funniest AND HOTTEST character in the game. I made a whole ass animation dedicated to this man, because he is so cool. Anyways heres some stamps of this mf :))

Mammon is poor(er??) than my paypal account and i got 22p in that shit, his glasses ( not shown in this pic :(( ) are probably worth less than my toenail. regardless I fucking love this mf ESSPECIALLY HIS DEMON FORM ITS RLLY HOT AND STUFF !!! The game kinda sucsks tho sorry king lol. Also Theres like 1 stamp of him that I could find so ignore the random cute ones I chose.

KAZUHA!! Im still so pissed that i lost the 50/50 to C2, YES C2 QIQI. But its not like i care or anything, i just go on my friends acc sometimes to hear him, heart BROKEN!! Anyways I love him sm and his friend dead. honstly anemo characters are the hottest in genshin impact thats why i would be anemo!! ALSO THERE WASNT ANY STAMPS FOR HIM IM RLLY SAD SO I JUST ADDED RANDOM ONES :((